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Panjim is the main tourist attractions of Central Goa. Explore areas and attractions of Central Goa in India.
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Central Goa

Divar Island in GoaCentral Goa - Technically an island, Panaji (Panjim) is certainly one of the prettiest state-capitals in India with the Mandovi running down the length of the city. In the last three years, the Government, along with a couple of very active NGOs, has spruced up Panjim.

Within the city, there are two areas which have been declared as heritage precincts - Fountain has and Campal. Campalhouses are relatively newer as compared to the Fountain has area. Campal stretches from the banks of Mandovi all the way to-wards the Miramar circle. Flanked by gracious rain-trees, the shaded avenue offers a lovely walk past the beautifully restored old building of GMC, which now houses the IFFI secretariat. Large gracious house lie in their own mature gardens on one side of the road, while on the other side is the Kala Academy, a complex designed by Charles Correa and holds concert/plays and small movie halls. On the banks of the Mandovi, the Academy is a wonderful place to take a break among old trees with tantalizing glimpses of the river beyond.

Divar: Long ago, at the time of the Inquest, Divar was the first island which was forcibly converted to Christianity by overzealous missionaries. Perched atop the highest point of the island is the church of Piedade - built at the site of a Ganesh temple. The idol was taken into hiding and after going through couple of changes of adobe, is now permanently housed at the temple in Khandola, a village near Ponda.

Whatever the history, today the church of Piedade offers peace to all and offers panoramic views of the old Goan churches on one side and the Mandovi meeting the ocean on the west.