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The entire area in Goa state is divided into three regions namely North, Central and South Goa. Get more details on main Areas in Goa, India.
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Areas in Goa

Panjim in GoaAreas in Goa - Goa, unlike the other beach destinations in India is not a city; it is a full-fledged state that comprises of many cities and villages, spreading over a large area. Therefore, its "Down Town" does not translate with equal ease. Of course, not all of its towns and cities are large. A lot of Goa's activity is centred around its fabulous beaches, that serve not just as recreational spots but also markets and dining venues. The following section only covers some of the larger towns and cities, and some of the more important beaches in each province. Broadly, the state of Goa can be divided into three sections - North, Central and South Goa. Each one has its own charm and a regular visitor will have his/her favorite and defend it valiantly.