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You will get a chance to mix with an amazing crowd from Europe, USA, India and Russia at Club Cubana in Arpora Hill, Calangute Goa.
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Club Cubana

Club Cubana, GoaClub Cubana - Club Cubana, high up on the Arpora hill, overlooks both the Saturday Night Markets. It goes up on several levels and even includes a swimming pool. The place is packed mainly by youngsters from around Goa and the traffic jams can eat up half the night. However, the ambience is popular and something out of a movie. The place is exciting as you will get a chance to meet party lovers from around the Globe at Club Cubana. Music and staff at the club is of top quality as compared to other clubs in Goa. Pizzas and drinks at Club Cubana are excellent and loud music adds a new flavor to the night. So go ahead and enjoy your stay at Club Cubana in Calangute Goa.

Club Cubana
Address: Club, Cubana Arpora Hill,
North Goa
Contact: 91-9823539000