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Casa Portuguesa Restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in Goa offering delicious Goan and Portuguese food to its guest.

Casa Portuguesa Restaurant

Casa Portuguesa Restaurant - Casa Portuguesa is set in a wonderful old Goan house - sepia drawings, old wooden alters on the wall and stately Portuguesa furniture lit romantically. There is also a bar done in old Western style, complete with swimming salon doors and old wood. The restaurant is owned and run by Francesco whose pony tailed visage has charmed many a female guests over the years.

Casa Portuguesa has a good selection of Goan/Portuguesa food including roast sliced sucking pig, tender duck, juicy steaks and a rich sorpotel.

Casa Portuguesa Restaurant
Address: Baga,
Calangute, Goa
Contact: 2277024

Cuisines available at Casa Portuguesa Restaurant:

  • Portuguesa