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Panaji offers long list of shopping markets for tourists in North Goa. Explore shopping places in North Goa and Panaji.
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Shopping in North Goa & Panaji

Music Shop in Panjim, GoaNorth Goa & Panaji - The main shopping street in Panaji is the 18th June Road. You will find branded items here as well as department stores for ready-made clothes. There is everything a visitor may want to take back for as a souvenir. Most wine shops (and there are plenty) sell quaint little liquor bottles which make great gifts. Then, there is the famous Goan cashew nut. For a different flavour, try Zantye's spiced ones. Shops selling cashew can be found in most places, but will be cheaper in Panaji, and Mapusa. Also, don't forget to buy at least a bottle of Goa's feni and port wine. Mapusa's Pedro Vincent Vaz produces some fine part. Try and take home some packed Goan chauriso (the spicy Goan sausage), bebinca and packed masalas like Xacutis etc.