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There are fascinating places to shop in South Goa for tourist. Explore shopping markets in South Goa.
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Shopping in South Goa

Shopping in Super Market, South GoaSouth Goa - Near the Taj Exocita, Manthan is a wonderful place to browse for some distinctive artifact and some designer clothes. There are a couple of 'space' designers who are based in Goa and are definitely worth a visit. SoTo Décor in Canadolim is the outlet of talented Sonja & Thomas, whose furniture and artwork made from metal with leaves, flower petals and other natural things have graced many a celebrated home in and outside Goa. Monsoon Heritage n Bardez is an Alladin's treasure trove showcases works of Yahel Chirinian & Doris Zacheras, mirrored objects, light installations, funky tables, candleholders and much more.