Here is provided information on electro homeopathic treatment. Read about electro homeopathy medicines.

Electro Homoeopathy

Electro homoeopathy - Electro homeopathy is a term derived from three words, namely, electro meaning energy, Homoeo meaning similar and Pathy meaning suffering. Electro Homoeopathic treatment is an herbal plant-oriented system of medicine. Electro homeopathy medicines work towards purifying the lymph and blood streams of the human body. It is based on the law of temperament.

In this therapy, energy is extracted from the plants and utilized for making remedies. Electro homeopathic therapy is safe for all. Therefore, persons of all age group can use this remedy for curing any sort of problem, and then be it acute or a chronic disease. The remedy is suggested to the patient after studying his entire background. Electro homeopathy uses only the physical properties of non-poisonous plants to heal the patients and not the chemical ones. Thus, electro homeopathy has no side effects.