Here is given information on the history and origin of Homeopathy/ Homeopathic treatment.

History of Homeopathy

History & Origin of Homeopathy - It was during the late 1700s that Samuel Hahnemann, a physician and chemist, came up with a new approach of treating health conditions. The origin of Homeopathic treatment can be dated back to the time when other available medical remedies were harsh and caused the development of blisters, bleeding etc. At that time, there were very few medications available and to top it, there was not adequate knowledge about their effects. Read further to explore information on Homeopathy history:

It is interesting to know about the history of Homeopathy. Hahnemann wanted to develop a medical approach that doesn't cause any harm to the human body. The first step that he took towards his approach was trying out a herbal remedy treatment to cure malaria. This experiment made him conclude that a substance can cause symptoms that it can also relieve. This concept is known as the "similia principle" or "like cures like."

Homeopathic treatment helps to enhance the body's immune system, thereby improving the resistance of body to fight various illnesses. All homeopathy compositions are made either from plants (belladonna, arnica, and chamomile), animal products like sepia (squid ink) and Lachesis (snake venom) or minerals (mercury and sulfur).