Here is given information on Indian Homeopathic treatment. Read about Homeopathy cure remedies in India.

Homeopathy in India

Homeopathy in India - Indian homeopathic treatment is not new. Infact, it came in India long back in 1810, when the German missionaries started distributing the medicines. It got an impetus in the year 1839, when Dr John Hoenigberger was called upon for treating Maharaja Ranjit Singh for the paralysis of vocal cords and edema. Hoenigberger then migrated to Kolkata, India, and over there he practiced for some time. Read further to explore more information on homeopathy cure remedies in India:

Homeopathy in India was officially recognized in 1937, when the govt passed the first resolution, followed by another in 1948. It was in 1973 that a central act was passed to recognize this alternative medicine approach. Today, there are a large number of hospitals, dispensaries and private practitioners that provide these health services. In the present times, India has a complete reservoir of Homeopaths.