Ahmedabad with a current projected population of 1.14 crore is the most populated city in Gujarat state. More details on sex ratio, literacy rate and census data.

Population of Ahmedabad (2011-2023)

Population of Ahmedabad - Ahmedabad with a total metro population of 1.14 crore (1) is the most populous city in state of Gujarat. The city is a major economic hub and administration center of Ahmedabad district. Ahmedabad's city population which is projected to be 6.4 million is ranked as fifth-most populous city in India. Population in Ahmedabad is increasing on a yearly growth rate of 6%. The city population was recorded 5,633,927 when the last Census of India (2011) was held in the state.

Current Population of Ahmedabad
The capital city of Gujarat is ranked at fifth spot in terms of most populous cities in India. Ahmedabad Urban Agglomeration which recorded a population of 7,214,225 (7.2 million) in Census held in 2011. This figure with a sharp growth is projected to be 11,450,000 (11.4 million) in current year 2021. Ahmedabad is one of the fastest growing cities, and due to this nature, the city is witnessing a sharp growth in its population annually. This includes 439,843 people living in the slums area.

Population of Ahmedabad

Frequently Asked Questions - Population of Ahmedabad

Q: What is the projected (future) population of Ahmedabad?

A: Future Population of Ahmedabad city will increase to 8,854,444 by 2025 and will grow further to reach 11,062,112 as early as 2035. The population figures are provided by UN World Population Prospects. (2)

Projected Population in Ahmedabad city

Census of India was last held in year 2011 and next may be in 2024. According to estimated growth figures, Population of Ahmedabad with a yearly growth.

Population Growth in Ahmedabad city

* Estimated figures.

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