This article offers information on current population of Amritsar city which is 1,381,193 (1.38 million) in 2023. Explore more on facts, growth and history of Population in Amritsar.

Population of Amritsar 2023

Current Population of Amritsar - The golden city of Amritsar is one of the most sacred places known for its much famed Golden Temple (Harmandir Sahib) in India. The city has changed its profile after the partition of 1947 in India. From an old traditional city of Northern India post Independence, it has changed its tagline to a modern business city of Punjab. According to Population census of India 2001, Population of Amritsar city was over 966,862. So Population of Amritsar has increased by a large proportion in the last 10 years.

Current Population of Amritsar in 2021
The sacred city of Amritsar is currently home to over 1,329,681 (1.3 million) people. However, total population of city was recorded to be 1,307,323 and 1,284,687 in year 2020 and 2019 respectively. The literacy rate stands at 85.27% whereas sex ratio is recorded to be 879 females for every 1000 males. Population of Amritsar in 2018 was 1,262,706. Growth of Population in Amritsar is considered to be descent in comparison with other metro cities of Punjab.

Growth of Population in Amritsar
Just like other cities of India, Amritsar too witnessed a descent growth in its population. According to 2001 Population census of India, the city population was recorded at 966,862. Population growth in Amritsar is also supported by increase in tourism activities in the city. The Golden Temple is visited by people from far and wide in large number thus encouraging business and property developers in Amritsar to invest heavily. This further led to migration of people from various districts of the state in search of employment and better standard of living.

Population of Amritsar

Population by Religion in Amritsar
Sikhism and Hinduism are the main religions followed in Amritsar. The people of various religion and caste celebrate all the fairs and festivals in Amritsar with great zeal and enthusiasm. Punjabi is the main spoken language in Amritsar while Hindi and English are also widely spoken by the locals.

Population of Amritsar in 2016
According to Population Census of India, Population of the city was estimated to be 1,219,478.

Population of Amritsar in 2015
Total Population in holy city of Amritsar was 1,205,321 (1.2 million) in 2015.

Population of Amritsar in 2014
According to recent estimates, Population of Amritsar city was 1,190,940. Going by the data from Census of India, Population of Amritsar is increasing at a descent rate. The city has witnessed a growth of 17% in its total population between years 2001 to 2011.The city population was at 1,132,761 in year 2011 during the last Census of India.

What is the Population of Amritsar
Located closed to India - Pakistan border, the golden city of Amritsar is home to over 1,329,681 (1.3 million) people in Punjab. Majority of the population in Amritsar follows Sikh religion.

* Projected figures provided by Census of India