Bihar with a total population of 128 million is the third largest state of India by Population. Information about sex ratio, literacy rate and current population in Bihar.

Population of Bihar

Bihar with a total population 128 million people is the most densely populated state among all states forming Eastern India. With an annual growth rate of 2.5% in its population, Bihar is the third largest state of India after Uttar Pradesh (1st) and Maharashtra (2nd). Home to a large proportion (58%) of young (below the age of 25) population, the state is ranked at the top in highest proportion of young people in India compared with all other states. In the last 20 years, Bihar has emerged as one of the progressive states of India. 85% of the total population in the state lives in villages. According to 2011 census, Population density in Bihar was over 1,000 per square kilometer, thus making it India’s densest-populated state. Overall Population growth in Bihar is very high (2.5% yearly) as compared with other states in India.

Population by Religion
Hinduism is the dominant religion in the state with over 82.7% of the followers. Islam with 16.9% followers is the second largest religion, followed by Christians, Jains and Sikhs.

Most Populated Cities in Bihar
The capital city of Patna with a projected population of 2,079,004 is the most populous place in Bihar. Patna Metropolitan area is projected to have 2,529,478 people in year 2021. Gaya with a population of 578,457 people is the second populous city. Bhagalpur (493,940) and Muzaffarpur (437,548) are at 3rd and 4th spot in terms of most populated cities in state of Bihar.