This article compares Population of India and China in terms of growth, sex ratio and population density. Get details on India and China Population with their effects on economy.

Population of India vs China

Population of India and China - Although, India and China are the most talked about countries, when it comes to problems arising from the increasing population, many believe it is actually a blessing in disguise. With more than 50% population below the age of 25 and about 65% below 35, the average age of an Indian after 10 years is likely to be 29 years, whereas the average age of a Chinese and Japanese, will be 37 and 48 respectively. In addition, India's dependency ratio by 2030 is expected to be just over 0.4. According to estimated figures, the Population of India will be largest in the World in year 2030. On the other hand, Population of China will witness a decline in their growth after 2030. So Population explosion will somehow benefit in India considering in mind its growing economy. But it will bring lots of serious issues related to health problems in India. Both India and China suffers from issues arising from huge population growth.

Population Growth in India and China

Compare Population of India with China

In terms of Growth in Population, both the countries have witnessed a significant rise in the population. India’s population is growing (1.55 percent annually) much rapidly than China’s (0.66 percent). In fact, this alarming rate is almost double and will help India in becoming the most populous country by 2025. According to projected figures, India’s total population will equal China’s (about 1.4 billion in each country) in 2025. In the same year, India will become world’s most populous country and its population will keep growing till 2050 whereas China’s population will start declining from 2026.

Facts and Comparison of Population data between India and China:

  • According to latest figures, India is all set to exceed China in total population by the year 2025.
  • In the next 25 years, India's Population will rise by almost 350 million.
  • In year 2005, China's population was higher than India by over 200 million. In year 2050 India's Population is expected to surpass China by over 200 million.
  • By 2030, India's working population will be youngest in the world as compared to China, USA and other countries.
  • India's Population will start stabilizing by 2060.
  • Education: Only an educated nation can produce skilled and trained workforce which leads to overall productivity of the nation. India’s level of average literacy is much lower than China’s.
  • Health care system: China’s health care system is more advanced and developed in comparison to India. India needs to invest heavily in its health care system to provide better health care facilities for its growing population.
  • Women in the workforce: A large number of working women workforce contributes towards a better a better economic growth. Currently, Women contribution in the workforce of China is much higher as compared with India.