The mega city of Gurgaon is experiencing a rapid growth in its population. Get details on literacy rate, sex ratio, and present population of Gurgaon, Haryana.

Gurgaon Population in 2021

Current Population of Gurgaon - According to latest Census of 2011, Gurgaon is ranked at 6th position in terms of Population in the Haryana state. The IT city has witnessed a magnificent growth with latest Industrialization and Infrastructure development. The dream city of Gurgaon attracts people from all over India as offices of major multinationals are set up here. Thus a large number of Gurgaon's population is migratory. The high tech city of Gurgaon has some of the best malls in India thus providing more job opportunities to people seeking employment. Major Population of Gurgaon belongs to executive class. Big Industrial Units and Manufacturing houses pays a handsome salary to its employees in Gurgaon. These employment opportunities and large scale industrial setup in Gurgaon attract people from working class who comes here for job and ultimately settles here. You will find people of various religions living together in Gurgaon with peace and harmony.

Population of Gurgaon

Present Population of Gurgaon in 2021
Total population of Gurgaon city in 2021 is estimated to be 2,982,928. The millennium city was home to 2,770,450 people in 2020 and 2,563,906 in 2019. However, the same figure was recorded to be 2,360,761 in year 2018 and 2,155,898 in 2017. The city iconic image as a business and corporate hub has invited multinationals and individuals from far and wide in India. Gurgaon has witnessed large scale growth in its population in the last 5 years.

Future Population of Gurgaon
With vast scale development in real estate sector, Gurgaon population will rise to 30 lakh by 2021. The millennium city will add almost 2.2 million people between 2011 and 2021.

Population of Gurgaon in 2016
The millennium city of Gurgaon was home to 1,952,751 (1.9 million) people in 2016. Each year, Gurgaon adds more and more people to its ever growing population.

Population of Gurgaon in 2015
According to estimated sources, Population of Gurgaon was estimated to be 1,736,263 in 2015.

Population of Gurgaon in 2014
Gurgaon has witnessed a rapid growth in its population due to numerous job opportunities and a better standard of living. According to recent estimates, Population of Gurgaon in 2014 was 1.4 million. This figure stood at 1,287,297 in 2013. This includes a total number of 817,274 males and 696,811 females (Census 2011). The city has a literacy rate of 84.4 out of which 90% are males. The sex ratio of Gurgaon was recorded at 853 females per 1000 males in 2011. Education Institutions and Colleges in Gurgaon play a vital role in improving the literacy rate in the city.

Sex Ratio in Gurgaon
Sex Ratio in Gurgaon has shown great improvement in the last 4 years starting from January 2012. Government has taken several steps to maintain a healthy sex ratio in Gurgaon. Currently, Sex Ratio in Gurgaon stands at 870 females for every 1000 males. This ratio is improving as compared to Haryana overall sex ratio.

Reasons for Rapid Growth of Population in Gurgaon:

  • Job opportunities are available in large numbers in Gurgaon in almost all the trades.
  • Better Infrastructure development and a decent standard of living.
  • Major IT companies have their main or branch office in Gurgaon.
  • Connectivity of Delhi Metro to Gurgaon with Delhi and Noida offers better transport facilities at low cost.
  • Universities and Colleges are available in large number in Gurgaon.
  • Better road connectivity with Delhi and NCR Region plays another major role as traveling becomes easy and affordable.