Current population of Hyderabad is estimated to be over 12.2 million. Get details on present population, sex ratio and literacy rate in Hyderabad, India.

Population of Hyderabad

Population of Hyderabad - The dream city of Hyderabad is currently home to 12,217,956 people in Telangana. According to recent estimates, Hyderabad Metropolitan area or Hyderabad Urban Agglomeration is all set to cross 14.5 million (1.45 Crore) populations by the end of 2019. This figure was recorded at 77,49,334 in 2011 census. Hyderabad city population was recorded to be 6,809,970 (6.8 million) at latest census of 2011 completed in the state. Currently, Hyderabad is the fourth most populous city of India. In 2007, GHMC (Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation) was created and more area was occupied to cater ever increasing population of the city. Between 2001 to 2011, Population of Hyderabad has increased by 87%, the city has added over 3.1 million people to its ever growing population in the last 10 years. Its population has increased from 3,637,483 in the 2001 census to 6,809,970 in the 2011 census. A majority of this increased figure belongs to migrants in Hyderabad from other parts of India. In the last 10 years, the city has witnessed a large number of migrants from all over India. Today these migratory population stands at 24% of overall city population.

Population of Hyderabad

Current Population of Hyderabad in 2019
Hyderabad is currently home to 12,217,956 people in India. The City keeps growing at an alarming rate in terms of human population. Hyderabad offers a better standard of living for various sectors of economy in Telangana thus luring more people to settle here permanently. The city population was recorded to be 11,523,856 in 2018.

Population of Hyderabad in 2017
Home to a population of 10,804,325 (1 crore) people, Hyderabad is currently most populous city and capital of India’s Telangana state. The city is witnessing a huge growth in its population with modern lifestyle, better education and employment opportunities. Hyderabad sets a perfect example of modern Indian development in the technology sector.

Population of Hyderabad in 2016
Hyderabad recorded a growth of over 1 million people in its population during the year 2016. The city population was recorded at 10,191,969 people. Greater Metropolitan Area of Hyderabad recorded a population of 11,723,548 in year 2016. According to GHMC, there are 1,476 slums in the city with a population of 1.7 million.

Population of Hyderabad in 2015
With a total population of 9,507,434 people, Hyderabad is the fourth most populous city of India. Just like other rapidly growing metros of India, Hyderabad is also experiencing high growth in its population. Hyderabad represents the perfect blend of modern India and traditional culture. The city population is all set to cross the 10 million mark.

Population of Hyderabad in 2014
Population of Hyderabad has been increasing at an alarming rate. The city adds more number of people to its ever growing population. Population of Hyderabad city in 2014 is estimated to be 87,46,490. Total number of people living in Hyderabad city is 8.7 million.

Population of Hyderabad in 2013
According to latest estimates, Hyderabad's population in 2013 was 80,46,449. The city population is increasing at a growth rate of 8% every year. At current rate, Population of Hyderabad Metropolitan area will be more than 10 million by end of 2013. Sex ratio of Hyderabad is recorded at 945 considered to be good in the state. Literacy rate in Hyderabad is 82.96% (male 85.96% and female 79.79%) is also a good indicator of high level of education facilities in the city.

Population of Hyderabad in 2012
Hyderabad city population was recorded to be 74,02,437* (7.4 million) in year 2012. This figure was 6.8 million in year 2011. Hyderabad city population is growing at a rapid pace as compared to population of other metros in India.

Population of Hyderabad by Religion
The people following Hinduism form the majority of population followed by Muslims and Jains. The majority of Muslims live in and around old city area of Hyderabad. Telugu and Urdu are two widely spoken languages in Hyderabad apart from Hindi and English. Marathi, Bengali, Kannada and Tamil are other languages spoken in Hyderabad.

Slums in Hyderabad
There are 1.7 million people that constitute slum population of Hyderabad. These slum population lives in 1,476 slums that are located all over the city. Literacy rate in these slum areas is 60% to 80% whereas female literacy rate is much lower as compared to male literacy rate. Government has setup more than 600 schools to provide education to the kids living in these slum areas.

Growth of Population in Hyderabad
Hyderabad is one of the fastest growing metropolitan cities of India. The city has witnessed a growth of 87% in its population between 2001 census to 2011 census. A large proportion of this population is migrants from other parts of India. Growth of Population in Hyderabad city has almost doubled in the last 10 years as compared to earlier census of 1981 and 1991.

What is the Population of Hyderabad
The 400 years old city of Hyderabad is currently home to 12,217,956 (1.22 crore) people in 2019.

* Estimated figures.