Population of India in 2011 was 1.21 billion. Know more on total Population of India in 2011 with sex ratio, literacy rate in all major cities and states.

India's Population 2011

Population of India - With latest Population Census of India in 2011, the total number of people living in India has been estimated at 1,210,193,422 (1.21 billion). The figures provided by Population Census of India shows that the country represents 17.31% of the world population. Going by the population growth in 2011, India will cross China Population by 2030. By that time, India's population is estimated to be 1.53 billion. Population of states in India like Uttar Pradesh is more than many countries in the world. So India has witness a major growth in its population in the last 10 years. However Government of India had a little success in controlling this huge growth of population and going by estimated figures, the population of India will be stable by 2060.

In 2011, India's 50% population was below the age of 25. India tops chart in adding more people every year to its Population. Poverty, illiteracy and high fertility rate are some of the reasons for rapid growth in Population of India. The steps taken by Government of India to control Population have little success but there is a long way to go. It is estimated that Population of India will be stabilized by 2060. Total Male Population in India in 2011 was estimated at 623 million as compared to female which was 567 million. The state of Uttar Pradesh is the most populous state of India.

India's Population in 2011

Sex Ratio of India in 2011
The sex ratio in India is decent and improving year by year. In the last 10 years, it has improved a lot in many states and rural areas. However a long way to go for the states likes Haryana and Punjab where is quiet low. The sex ratio of India in the year 2011 is 940 females/1000 males.

Literacy Rate in India 2011
The Literacy Rate in India is showing major signs of improvement in the last 20 years. According to Census of India 2011, India Literacy rate stands at 74.04. Kerala is top state of India with over 90 percent of its population are literates.