Population of India in 2012 was estimated to be 1.22 billion. Know more on information related to Population of India in 2012.

Population of India 2012

India's Population in 2012 - India is second only to China when it comes to population. The figures provided by Population Census of India in 2012 revealed that the world's largest democracy is home to some 1,220,200,000 (1.22 billion) people, while China tops the chart with 1,350,044,605 (1.35 billion) people. However, the experts say that India will surpass China in 2030 and its population will rise to 1.53 billion. In 2012, one out of six people on this planet lived in India, which roughly equates to 17.3% of the world's total population.

The population of India has been growing pretty fast, largely due to a fall in death rate and an increase in the birth rate. Poverty, illiteracy and immigration from Bangladesh and Nepal are the other worrying factors.

When we compare the population of Indian states with some countries of the world, the result is quite surprising. Uttar Pradesh, the country's most populous state, its population almost equals to that of Brazil. The population of Maharashtra, the second most populous state in India, is approximately same as that of Mexico. Bihar, the third most populous state, beats Germany when it comes to population.

Disseminating population of India on the basis of age groups, around 50% of the current population is below the age of 25, while over 65% is below the age of 35.

The government, so far, has not been able to bring down the country's fertility rate, despite the fact that India became the world's first country to have a population policy in as early as 1952 when the National Family Planning program was launched. The need of the hour is to take stringent steps to control the ever growing population, as no country in the world would like to be called as the most populous one. Moreover, a large population is not good for any economy as it puts the precious resources under extreme pressure.

India's Population 2012

Population of India in year 2012 was 1,220,200,000 (1.22 billion). This figure comprises of 628,800,000 (628.8 million) males and 591,400,000 (591.4 million) females in the year 2012. Every year India adds more people to its already growing population as compared to any other country in the world. Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Bihar are three largest states in India in terms of population.