Kota city (Rajasthan), a prominent coaching hub is currently home to population of 1.6 million people. More data on sex ratio, literacy rate and population growth in Kota.

Population of Kota (2021)

Population of Kota - The historical city of Kota is located on the southeast region of the state of Rajasthan. With a projected population of 1,650,281 (2021), Kota city is ideally located on the banks of of the Chambal River. Kota is the third most populous city of Rajasthan and is all set to accommodate more population in the next 10 years. Its population is estimated to reach 2.2 million in year 2031 (1). According to Census of India 2011, Kota City had a population of 1,001,694. Total males and females included in that figure are 528,601 and 473,093.

Kota is a coaching heaven for students who wants to go for admission in top engineering and medical colleges. It is famous all over India for engineering and medical coaching institutes.

Population of Kota city in 2021
Population growth in Kota city between year 2011 to 2021 is 5% annually in comparison with growth of 3% in the last decade from 2001 to 2011. The population in Kota is projected to be growing at 5% annually. Kota is all set to become second populated city in state of Rajasthan by year 2031.

Population of Kota

Frequently Asked Questions - Population of Kota

Q: What is the projected (future) population of Kota?

A: According to projected data, Population of Kota will reach 2,200,838 by year 2031. (2)

Projected Population in Kota

Census of India was last held in year 2011 and next in 2021. According to estimated growth figures, Population of Kota with a yearly growth.

Population Growth in Kota city

* Estimated figures.

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