Mysore city which serves as a administrative hub of both Mysore district and division is currently home to 1.2 million people in Karnataka.

Population of Mysore 2021

Population of Bangalore - The ancient city of Mysore is located on the foothills in southern part of the state of Karnataka, India. With the projected population of 1,204,759, it is crowned as the second largest city (1) in Karnataka after Bangalore. According to data collected by last Census of India in 2011, Mysuru city was home to 920,550 people. Also, Census 2011 declared it as third most populous city in Karnataka with 461,042 males and 459,508 females. The growth of population in Mysore is considered decent in comparison with other metro cities of India.

Current Population of Mysore
Mysore with a annual population growth of 2% is regarded as one of the progressive cities of southern India. Current Population of Mysore (Mysuru) in 2021 is projected to be 1,204,759 (12 lakhs).

Population of Mysore

Frequently Asked Questions - Population of Mysore

Q: What is the projected (future) population of Mysore?

A: According to projected data, Population of Mysore will reach 1,504,872 by year 2030. (2)

Population Growth in Mysore city

Projected Population in Mysore (Metro)

Census of India was last held in year 2011 and next in 2021. According to estimated growth figures, Population of Mysore with a yearly growth.

* Estimated figures.

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