There is a significant presence of Indian population in Qatar. Around 500000 people of Indian origin are living in Qatar.

Indian Population in Qatar

Indian Population in Qatar - People belonging to Indian Community forms a substantial portion of Qatar's total population. As of 2012, there are more than 500,000 Indians living in Qatar forming a sizeable portion of the total population in the country. Indian community in Qatar which makes up around 25% of nation's population is the single-largest expatriate group. Several schools and colleges have been set up in Qatar to facilitate education for people of Indian origin born in Qatar. A large number of Indian expatriates people belongs to low working class in Qatar. They are mostly engaged in unskilled and semi-skilled works. Other professions where who will find Indians working in Qatar are welders, fabricators, fitters, engineers and doctors.

With recent Construction boom in Gulf countries, there is a huge demand for workers and engineers in Qatar. According to recent estimates, Indian expatriates in Qatar are expected to grow at a steady pace. Over the years, India and Qatar have maintained good relationship in terms commercial and multi dimensional growth. Indian Embassy in Doha, Qatar which looks after Indian community welfare in the country offers various services for Indian working class in Qatar. The Labour and social welfare department of Indian embassy provides guidance and support to sizeable population of Indian nationals residing in Qatar.

Indians in Qatar

Population of Indians in Qatar 500,000