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Pune is a shopper's paradise as one can shop for various items in Pune. Explore different shopping places in Pune/Poona.

Shopping in Pune

Shopping in Pune - Pune is a city where you can buy anything, from the contemporary to the traditional unless it's between two and four in the afternoon. That's siesta time for the shopkeepers! But, lately more and more shops have done away with that practice and have taken to proudly announcing that fact! M.G. Road is the destination of choice for the shop-a-holic. The area is home to every kind of shop and everything, from clothes, shoes, electronics, computer hardware, furniture, and jewellery, is available at prices that suit every budget. The street is so popular among shoppers that they close it to traffic over the weekends to make shopping easier.

Fergusson College Road is the place to go if you're looking for a bargain. The streets are lined with shops selling clothes at ridiculously low prices. And it is the best place if you're looking to buy a book for cheap. From street vendors to shopping arcades, second - hand and even new books are available at discounted prices everywhere. The street is also famous for its sweet shops .Follow your nose, you won't miss them.

Juna Bazaar, or old market, is the place to look for second - hand goods. A lot of antique wood and wrought iron furniture can be found here, but you've got to go through a lot of junk to find something worthwhile. The shops are open every day, but on Wednesday and Sunday the streets fill up with vendors from all over .Pune has grown into the mall-culture and there are big malls in virtually every part of town. That is where you can find all the best brands , and also , surprisingly , the best prices , albeit only for a few items .The older shopping arcades , now over-shadowed by the shiny new malls, stock up on fakes . Clothes, shoes and perfumes can be had there at low prices, and they are surprisingly of good quality. Clover Centre at M.G. Road is one such example, but these shopping arcades can be found all over the city. Laxmi Road, part of the old city, showcases the best traditional Maharashtrian saris and glass bangles in every hue and color. Each area of the city is now home to atleast two shopping malls, but they are each unique. The pyramid in capital malls at MG Road is filled with upscale shops selling the most expensive brands, while the NUCLEUS mall has a gym on the top floor and an excellent stationey shop frequented by budding artist. Dorabjees also on MG Road is more than a super market but not quite a mall with a music shop on its top floor and an excellent food court. Value mart at Konhwa caters to the price conscious stocking up on goods, some of which you won't find anywhere else in Pune. Big bazaar at Fatima Nagar always has the best prices and schemes, but tends to get over crowded.

List of Famous shopping Markets of Pune:
  • Deccan Gymkhana
  • Laxmi Road
  • Bajirao Road
  • Mahatma Gandhi Road (M.G. Road)
  • Fashion Street
  • Tulsi Baug
  • Mahatma Phule Mandai (Market)