Here is a brief profile on famous Indian Hockey Players and their career achievements are presented below.

Famous Indian Hockey Players

Famous Indian Hockey Players - A comprehensive guide on famous Indian Hockey Players who made significant mark in Hockey around the world. List of best Indian Hockey Players is presented here.

Dhanraj Pillai - The mercurial Dhanraj Pillai is easily one of the best forwards of hockey in the world. Dhanraj is a colorful and charismatic player. His magic is timeless and he can pierce through any defence, any time. His dribbling is so fast that he can go past players even 10 years younger to him.

Dhyan Chand - Such was the awe of Dhayan Chand that in a Vienna sports club, they installed a statue of Dhyan Chand with four arms and four sticks. Dhyan Chand was so charismatic in the hockey field that everyone around the world doubted if his stick was made of something else other than wood! You would be surprised to know what all they did to his hockey sticks.