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Indian Weather - Diversity is not only the order of the country in terms of language and culture; it rather gets reflected to a large extent in India climate too. The diversity in Indian climate becomes clear by the fact that the subcontinent, irrespective of its tropical weather has eight climatic zones. These zones experience a variety of climatic changes with a single common feature namely the monsoon rains.

But in some regions, even monsoon comes at times completely different from others. The wide difference of climate in India can be adjudged from a comparative analysis of tow different geographical areas. The chilling air of the mountains can be well combated by the burning dry heat of the Rajasthan Desert in a couple of hours only.

One can experience the beauty of this ever changing climate in India by observing the beautiful shifting of the sand dunes and moving to the will of the winds. But this pleasantness can even be crashed if one is caught in a sand storm coming off the Thar Desert.

And these wide variations in climate and weather conditions in India can be attributed to the varied topology and large geographical area of the country. The whether remains most pleasant in the months of November to March, which is considered to be the best time to go for India tour.