India Winter Season starts from November and ends in March every year. Read further on Winter Forecast for India.

Winters in India

Winter Season in India - Based upon the extreme changes in weather, India observes three major seasons namely winter, summer and the monsoon.

Starting from November lasting till March, the winter days in India are bright and pleasant. The hilly regions of northern India observe some snowfall also in the months of January. The soft sun of the winters in India appears to be singing soothing lullabies which may make you fall asleep as soon as you sit under sun.

Winter Season in India

But the fun of sun is interrupted too at times by the winter rains and severe cold waves from west to east passing through the northern part of the country, mainly during November to April. January is generally the coldest month of the year wherein the temperature drops down to less than 15 degrees even. In some of the hilly areas, the temperature even goes below zero degrees.

But this otherwise pleasant season of the year not only attracts the maximum of tourist traffic to India but also invites an innumerable bird species to its pleasant surroundings. The bird sanctuaries in India are flocked by a multitude of migratory birds in winters that live in a harmonious conjunction with the resident birds here and uphold a unique example of mutual bonding.

In this highly cool temperature of winter, we are keen to slide down our blanket for a nap. The weather, though, gives the chills have their own importance. Visiting our favorite hill stations will provide you with goosebumps at this point in the year. The temperature may rise lower than expected, and a single ray of sun will sooth us like a natural blanket. The trees start to fade, and the blandness in the environment tries to scream the life of new tomorrow. Every moment in winter makes us feel like eating something hot and refreshing, something that will energize us in this cozy weather.