Smallest Country in the World

Below is the list of Smallest Country in the world by area for each Continent. To check complete list, see the bigger table of countries below.


Here is the list of 100 smallest countries in the world based on area.

Some of the information about the countries is as follows:

Vatican City
  • The entire population of the country is within the measurement of less than a single square kilometer of space
  • Some of the common nationalities are Swiss, Argentian, Italian, and such
  • Some of the commonly spoken languages here are French, Italian, and Latin.
  • It is situated in the western Europe region
  • Monte Carlo is known as the largest administrative by the sense of population
  • Monte Carlo is also famous across the world for its tax policies and such
San Marino
  • This microstate is situated in the Italian Peninsula
  • Italian is the primary language of this country
  • This country has a comparable economy to that of Italy
  • This country is located in Europe
  • This country is divided into 11 of its municipalities
  • Since this country has a strong financial sector, it has one of the highest GDPs
  • It is an actual island that is located in Micronesia
  • It is also known as the least populous country in Oceania
  • Nauruan is said to be the largest ethnic group in this country
Marshall Islands
  • This is an island country that is situated in the United States
  • The majority of the population in this country is Marshallese
  • The languages being spoken in this country are Marshallese and English
  • It is found in the Pacific Ocean
  • Before gaining independence in the year 1978, it was originally owned by the United Kingdom
  • Polynesians are the major ethnic group of this country
  • It is an island that is situated in the Indian Ocean-Arabian Sea region
  • People from Sri Lanka and southern India are said to be the earliest inhabitants of this island
  • In terms of ethical relations, the people of this island are related to the Indian subcontinent
  • Even though it is a small country, it is also a densely populated country
  • This country has free-standing structures in the world
  • The national language of this country is Maltese
Saint Kitts and Nevis
  • In the Western Hemisphere, it is one of the smallest sovereign states
  • It is also the sole sovereign federation in the Caribbean
  • One of the first islands that the Europeans colonized is Saint Kitts and Nevis
Thus, this are all the information that was there to know about the respective countries.