Explore meaning and functions of Yoga Asanas in this article.

Yoga Asanas

Functions of Yogasanas - Aiming at the facilitation of meditation, by sitting in a sustained and comfortable position, A Yoga Asana stands for nothing but a harmonious posture that enables us to maintain a positive balance with our internal consciousness. With a wide array of therapeutic uses, these Yoga Asanas help the practitioners a great deal in balancing the indispensable structure of their bodies.

These yogasanas being a branch of the Yoga Philosophy - A way of life perform various functions in our body at different levels. But their Conative, Cognitive, Mental, Intellectual and Spiritual functions are the most sought after ones. The first type of function of these Yoga asanas is the Conative action. This stands for a deliberate exercise of the action organs. While discussing the functions of yoga asanas in human body, what must be clearly understood is the fact that these asanas are the central yogic gadget of balancing the body. An array of various postures constituting this set undoubtedly brings about a flexible and tension free body and mind respectively. And thereon, the maximization of flow of imperative energy takes place.

The cognitive action of the asanas implores the creation of such positive energy that our concentration is directed within ourselves. This in turn enables the mind to perceive Aparoksha Jnana or the invisible form of knowledge. These are the outcomes of our purposive action. The mental action comes into play with an amalgamation of the above stated actions thus bringing about an appropriate performance of the asanas. And this happens by the guidance of the distinguishing faculty of our mind. Thus a cadence flow of and a ubiquitous responsiveness takes place as an outcome which leads to a mental state of pure joy also known as ananda. Needless to say the intellectual action is initiated hereby as these balanced physical postures affect the various interrelated channels (nadis) of the mind-body complex. From here, the yogis become able to perform the yogasana perfectly leading to the utter intellectual incorporation of the mind on a lone chore namely dharana. It is from here that the spiritual functions start taking place escorting to the blending of individual fortitude with the Divine Self.