Know more about Samadhi Pada and its meaning; Samadhi Pada is one of the Yoga sutras of Patanjali.

Samadhi Pada

Samadhi Pada - Considering Ishvara to be the supreme Purusha, Samadhi pada establishes Him as a rare being that remains unaffected by any hardships, acts, fruits of actions or by any internal impressions of desires. It is also mentioned in the pada that the seed of omniscience is deeply and entirely manifested in Him. He is considered to be the Guru of all the gurus and is not conditioned even by time. The 24th and 27th sutra of Samadhi Pada hold that the mystic sound of OM is certainly expressive of the Divine.

What is discussed in detail in the Samadhi Pada is how the natural working of human mind is restrained by the material world and what all are the problems that are encountered by a practitioner while trying to harness the former. It is only after the mind is entirely harnessed that an elucidation of Isvara, the supreme consciousness begins.

And it is also stressed that one must enter a self-absorbed, detached state of being better known as Samadhi for attaining the highest level of spiritual awareness. The mental distractions are repeatedly reported to be an ever occurring disturbance in the path of attaining this blissful condition and these can be curbed by adapting the attitudes of:

  • Friendliness toward the happy,
  • Compassion for the unhappy,
  • Delight in the virtuous and
  • Disregard toward the wicked

And by doing this, it is believed that the mind can definitely retain a completely undisturbed calmness. And slowly the practitioner will surely extend his mastery in concentration from the primal atom to the greatest magnitude.

The state of Samadhi can be compared to a pure crystal. Like the crystal assumes the color and shape of the object kept near it, similarly the mind of a Yogi also becomes so balanced and clear that it attains a state where no distinctions remain between knower, knowable and knowledge.