This article features detail on 4 various stages of Pranayama Yoga.

Stages of Pranayama

Stages of Pranayama - The breathing techniques involved in Yoga, popularly known as pranayama are the essence of this ancient way of life. Benefiting the practitioner in multiple ways, these pranayamas are classified into the following few stages:

  • Puraka or Inhalation
  • Rechaka or Exhalation
  • Stambhavritti pranayama and
  • Bahyabhyantarakshepi pranayama

The first sub type of these pranayamas that is Puraka is a technique that involves regular and controlled inhalation. Its regular practice enables the practitioner to regulate the complete breathing process. It can also bring about an ideal stage where the yogi can even reduce the number of inhalations per minute.

Rechaka on the other hand are the exhalation exercises that teach the yogi a slow and ordered breathing. Along with this, the reduction in the number of inhalations and exhalations per minute is also involved in this.

The third stage that is the Stambhavritti implores the retention of breath that follows an intentional stopping of the natural inhalation and exhalation.

And the last stage of the pranayamas stands for converting both exhalation and inhalation into retention. This retained breath is thence stored in various internal organs for various lengths of time.