Explore information about Vibhuti Pada, one of the yoga sutras which emphasis on light of knowledge.

Vibhuti Pada

Vibhuti Pada - The 5th and 7th sutras of the Vibhuti pada states Sanyam to be an amalgamation of dharana, dhyana, and Samadhi. And a continual practice of Samyama can lead one towards the light of knowledge. And various stages of Yoga can help to accomplish its practice.

An achievement of the union of atman with parmatman and its result is what is focused upon in the 56 sutra of the third chapter of this pada. Before going on further, it is quite important to know the meaning of Vibhuti Pada. The term 'vibhuti' stands for manifestation or remainder and this Pada demarcates all the triumphs achieved by a regular practice of yoga.

Also referred to as siddhis, these are special powers that get matured by regular practice. And these practices which are stressed time and over again in the Vibhuti Pada are the final three limbs of Ashtanga Yoga namely dharana (concentration), dhyana (meditation), and samadhi (contemplation).

Vibhuti Pada sustains that knowledge is power and even recommends various ways of utilizing such influence for the best possible results. To strengthen the above statement the 56 and 57 sutra of Vibhuti pada states the following:

The discriminative knowledge that simultaneously comprehends all objects in all conditions is the intuitive knowledge, which brings liberation.

When the tranquil mind attains purity equal to that of the Self, there is Absoluteness.