Regular practice of Relaxation techniques under Yoga helps in pain management. Explore more on Yoga for Pain Relief.

Yoga and Pain Management

Yoga for Pain Relief - Yoga, the ancient way of life has been benefiting people of all ages around the world in the present scenario. That is why new discoveries are being carried out with each passing day elaborating the benefits of this traditional philosophy. A recent survey has proved that Yoga has been quite successful in treating several ordinary and potentially life-threatening illnesses such as chronic fatigue, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, arthritis, and obesity.

But the arena of physiology where Yoga has proved to be most successful is PAIN MANAGEMENT. This is done in a very unique way by enabling the body to secrete natural pain killers. Actually the pain center of our brain that makes us feel the pain makes us feel the reduction in pain. This is done by regulating the gate-controlling system positioned in the spinal cord. Not only this, even the pranayamas help a great deal in controlling the pain. This is done by increasing the time of each exhalation thus reducing the stress and in turn pain too. If one becomes aware of the correct breathing, the respiration will also become slower thus aiding the practitioner to manage his/her pain.

Some of the relaxation techniques practiced by Indian yogis have relieved many people of a really intolerable pain. It is believed that yoga proves to be so effective in managing the pain because it focuses on self-awareness. It is this awareness of one's own self only that casts a quiet protective upshot and allows an early deterrent action.