Explore Yoga Asanas for back related exercises. Check out more details on Back Bending Asanas and Balancing Asanas.

Asanas for Back

Back Related Asanas - The asanas we have discussed so far include the postures like sitting, standing or bending. These two asanas categorized under the Back Related Asanas category, involve the back to be twisted or moved in a certain way to achieve a desired result.

Back Bending Asanas:
Serving as acute antonyms of forward bends, these asanas offer a rare alertness to the body and a unique sharpness to the mind. Unlike their opposite counterpart, these asanas involve a bending and stretching of the anterior spine thus invigorating and enlivening the practitioner's whole being. This type of asanas includes the Matsayasana which is a fish like posture, Ustarasana and the Bhujangasana; involving a partial coiling of the body like a snake.

Balancing Asanas:
As the balancing of the entire body depends on a proper functioning of the spinal cord, the balancing asana thus acts as an energizer for the same. Along with offering an opportunity to all the organs of the abdomen to exercise, these types of asanas also strengthen the arms and wrists in the process. Another very important implication of these asanas like their name is that they enable the practitioner to achieve a good bearing by making the body feel light. This category of the asanas includes Salamba Sarvangasana, Sirsasana and Niralamaba Sarvangasana.