Bhakti Yoga teaches us how to get connected to the Almighty. Get details on Bhakti Yoga and its health benefits.

Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti Yoga - One of the most important schools of thought prevalent in Yoga philosophy is the Bhakti Yoga. The term Bhakti literally stands for a loving relationship with the divine. Hence Bhakti Yoga is all about getting in touch with the Divine Being. And this connection is maintained one starts following the outpourings of one's heart. A rough translation of the term 'bhakti' can even mean 'devotion'.

This is a state of being attached to the Divine emotionally. And united with the Christian concept of faith, this emotion of being one with the Divine being can lead to a state where one is deeply immersed in bhakti. This unique wisp of yoga is one of its own kinds. It predominantly advocates love and devotion to be the only path to moksha or liberation.